Toàn thời gian

Mô tả công việc

- Language understanding, including intention recognition, emotion recognition, FAQ, etc.

- Build an intelligent dialogue system, including mining questions and answers.

- Multilingual text generation such as products' copy, dialogue summary, email reply, etc.

- Machine translation, including the translation of product titles and details, IM and other scenarios.

- Cross-lingual search, including cross language matching, cross-lingual vector retrieval, etc.

Yêu cầu công việc

- At least 3 years of work experience in related field

- Candidates who have practical experience in NLP (intelligent dialogue, machine translation, etc.) are preferred.

- Familiar with at least one computer programming language, including but not limited to C/C++/Java/go/python.

- Candidates who have published high-level papers are preferred, including but not limited to ACL, EMNLP, COLING, AAAI, IEEE TASLP, etc.

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