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The B2B Sales will develop new direct business opportunities and maximising business potential from these markets to achieve set sales targets. The role also provides insights to the Product Marketing Manager for their decision-making and strategic direction.


- Ability to formulate, plan & implement creative sales strategies to create demand, opportunities, maximizes market penetration and accelerates sales growth development.
- To explore and identify opportunities to drive continuous improvement in sales and actively promote company’s products and image to the related customers market coverage.
- Ability to perform sales forecasting and customer relationship management.   
- To arrange product demonstrations and benchmark tests for major account customers.
- To conduct market research on competitor’s performance/activity and pricing.
- To participate in adhoc projects or assignments as directed by the Direct Manager

* Sales Reporting:
- Set up consistent reporting cadence to stay informed of project progress
- Analyse reporting data and use to inform decision-making and strategic direction
- Oversee the creation of a monthly forecast report
- Regular sales progress updates provided and respective action plans identified
- Data-driven sales decision making established
- Timely and accurate reporting and sales forecasting

* Dealer (System Integrator) Management:
- Coordinate with each SI to understand their business processes and win projects with them
- Evaluate SI performance and identify top SIs
- Support SI key activities in conjunction with pre-sales team
- Manage each SI partner and their operations fairly
- Increased understanding of SIs for smooth collaboration  
- Focused identification of top performing SIs to support achievement of sales targets
- Improved relationship with SIs to promote continued SI revenue contributions  
- Impartial treatment of SI partners achieved

* Customer Management:
- Engage customers regularly to build and strengthen customer relationships to maximise business potential
- Prioritise customers by focusing on top customers
- Communicate key values to customers so they view company as their first choice
- Identify effective methods to continuously expand customer database
- Arrange product demonstrations and benchmark tests for major account customers
- Improved customer satisfaction and retention to drive sales growth
- Maintained forecasted inflow of business revenue from key accounts
- Achieved alignment and mutual loyalty between customers, partners and company
- Expanded customer database
- Increased customer understanding of company product offerings, driving business opportunities

Yêu cầu công việc


- Bachelor’s Degree/ Diploma in Business Administration or a related field (e.g. Sales, Marketing)


- Minimum 3-5 years of experience in Sales, especially in the IT industry
- Experience and strong knowledge in using and communicating about scanners, printers, digital imaging equipment and software


- Self-motivated and independent, with a strong ownership for responsibilities 
- Results-oriented, with an awareness of industry trends, market, and competitors’ activity 
- Honest, discreet and with a high level of integrity 
- Influential personality with strong problem solving and negotiating skills 
- Strong business relationship management skills 
- Fluent in English (verbal and written)

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