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Primary Objective:  

Manages and coordinates organization-wide efforts to ensure that Strategic planning  process is implemented effectively. Participates in organizational strategic planning to enhance workforce capabilities in short and long term.

Key Activities:  

1. Proposal benefit (new and revise)  

2. Yearly task (Headcount plan, budget plan and salary adjustment)  

3. Rules and Regulations  

4. Other duties  

Proposal benefit

- Update and revise benefit, proposal new benefit ensure effective and increase employee satisfaction.

- Collect and survey benefit of competitor and market.

- Participate in the implementation of on-going improvement plan for whole process; standardize all kinds of forms and correspondence relating to the process.

- Timely identify issues and propose remedies to ensure whole process is implemented properly and efficiently.

- Process data analysis for proposal.

Yearly task

* In charge of following tasks:

- Headcount budget.

- Budget planning.

- Matrix and scheme salary adjustment. 

* Rules and Regulations

- Follow all working procedures, the company’s policies, rules and regulations.

- Check, monitor, remind and guide subordinates to follow the rules and regulations.

Other duties

Other tasks or responsibilities as assigned by  HRM or Deputy HRM 

Yêu cầu công việc

Qualification and Job Requirements:

1. Bachelors’ University degree in Human Resources/Finance/Management Accounting or business-related field.

2. Have related experience/understanding of proposal process, logical thinking, ability to convince… (Minimum 3 year experience in the related field).

3. Good conceptual and analytical skills.

4. Ability to work independently as well as work in a team.

5. Strong verbal and written communication skills.

6. Good Excel and PowerPoint skills.

7. Fluent in English (both verbal & written), especially translating skills.

8. Good interpersonal skills to work collaboratively with leadership throughout the organization.

* Preferred skills

1. Logical & critical thinking

2. Data analysis

3. Good communication

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