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Mô tả công việc

Trách nhiệm/ Major Responsibilities

  •  Planning:
  • Master Planning:

✔️ Reviewing sales forecast revenue and arranging Man, Machine, Method with production team, Material with purchaser team to catch up customer demand.

✔️ Analyzing sales order, forecast to calculate and adjust capacity in short term and long term.

  • Understand material status, which is updated by planners/buyers, plan for material incoming inspection and arrange daily production schedule. 
  • Scheduling:
  • Scheduling:

✔️ Analyzing sales order, forecast to calculate and adjust capacity in short term and long term.

✔️ Lead time update and ongoing review: understand well material status, man power, process lead-time, machine’s capacity.

✔️ Daily planning output for incoming inspection to make sure material is ready when work order release.

✔️ Daily release work orders to meet start date & close WO in ERP system.

✔️ Supply daily updates on target dates reflected on the Production Report.

✔️ Develop and continue improvement on a Production schedule report.

✔️ Work with manufacturing to achieve on time completion.

✔️ Provide feedback to planning and Master schedule on slips.

✔️ Monitor schedule to be sure balance capacity.

  • Responsible for on time delivery to Customer:

✔️ Coordinate as needed with planner team to investigate OTD failures as an input for Customer OTD feedback.

  • ECN implement:

✔️ Coordinate with other functions to assess the impact of the ECN on POs, materials and control methods & give out actions and follow them up.

✔️ Follow up with planner on POs for obsolete or excess materials/products due to any engineering changes from customers…

✔️ Make sure transactions done correctly in ERP system.

✔️ Assess revenue & OTD impact due to this ECN & report them to planner.

  • Other jobs as assigned

Yêu cầu công việc

Yêu cầu của vị trí/ Position Requirement

✔️ University or equivalent education and/ or 5 years’ experience in production field.

✔️  Good experience on ERP system.

✔️  Working knowledge of computerized system required.

✔️  Good command in English both writing and speaking.

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