Supply Chain Management Manager

Quảng Nam
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Mô tả công việc

- Mantain a cost efficient supply chain to satisfy customer demand in quantity, service and on time deliveries.

- Achieve KPI targets for inventory, deliveries and logistics cost

- Handover projects with purchasing - sourcing department smoothly to catch customer SOP and ramp up after industrialization

- Responsible for supplier relationship for mass production. Keep suppliers updated and healthy relationship with all of them with a risk-sharing oriented mindset in which both customer and supplier take committed risks and responsibilities.

- Enhacement and improvement of logistics conditions as a service. Development of new suppliers and expansion of logistics network of the factory.

- Management and training of all Dpt. personnel.

- Provide resources to the Dpt.

- Control of materials stock optimum levels. Inventory control and stock taken.

- Materials storage, handling, identification and traceability.

- All responsibilities of hierarchy depending positions according approved Organization Chart.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Bachelor Degree or Junior Collegue in Logistic, Economic, Materials, International Trade or related fields

- Understanding of supply chain and logistics concepts.

- Familiar with planning and forecasting systems (MRP/ERP/CRM).

- Experience with SRM oriented systems and supplier communication of demand fluctuation and incidences

- Analytical and problem solving skills.

- Demostrated management skills 

- Company planning and forecasting system (software, production lines capacities and assigned products, raw materials lead time, etc.).

- Basic training regarding company products and company processes.

- Company Quality Management System. Process approach management. Key performance indicators scorecard.

- Lean manufacturing principles and application tools (value stream mapping, visual management, error proofing, quick changeover, standard operations, one-piece flow, kanban system, total productive maintenance, etc.).

- At least 1 year of working experience in this position or  2 years of working expererience as logistic superviser

- High leadership skills, coordination skills, High Tolerance to frustration, be able to work under pressure, Highly self motivated, problem solved orienteted. Innovative mindset, highly independent and resolutive person in worst case situations.

- English language, fluent.

- Software applications skills: Office, user level.

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