Hồ Chí Minh
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Mô tả công việc

  • Controller/ Monitor

          -  TA plays as a monitor in class; helps teachers to keep the students silent and order; controls them if sometimes they are so active in activities or games.

  • Focus students on lesson

         -   Have the students focused on their lesson and paid special attentions on the teacher. The students are kids; they always like talking, playing, running around the class….This task will keep them be calm and have better behavior.

  • Help students to do exercises in class

       -  Whenever the students get assignments from teachers, we have to help them to understand what the exercises say and to finish them ASAP.

  • Check homework

         -  Some teachers ask the students to do exercises at home so that they can revise the lesson and improve their skills also. If the teachers don’t have time enough to check it, pls do it; or when teachers check it, help him/ her.

  • Translator

       - TA is a translator in class in need. I mean just sometimes, when the teacher’s lessons/ words are so hard for kids to understand, we have to translate them into Vietnamese. We have to make sure that all students get what the teachers explain.

  • Teaching Follow up book

          -  We give the parents Teaching Follow up book in which we, TAs write all topics/ areas the teachers teach on that day. We should write in Vietnamese some important/ necessary parts so that all parents can read/ understand it so that they can remind their children at home.

         - Remember to ask the students to give the parents every day to get their signatures and give us back on the next day. And you have to check if the parents sign on it. If not, remind the students/ talk to parents/ report to staff for following up.

  • TA report

      After every TA session, TA has to write and send a short report (or a short talk to SS) to report the special cases/ situations that related to students, teachers,….TA has to pay special attention to strong/ weak students; active/ passive ones,….

    But in case the problems happen in the class time, TA has to take action/ report immediately.

  • Have the students get back the class after break-time

         -  Students like playing games/ computer; running around the building; coming to the Playing room...in break-time and almost forget the time to come back class.
         - TA has to remind them regularly; even has to go around the building to chase them; ask them to get back class in time.

         - P/S: In break-time, TA has to take care of the students carefully and closely (some accidents may be happened in this time)

  • Take care well of kids
  • After every class, TA has to take the kids downstairs.
  • Take every chance to talk to the parents about the kids’ attitude/ studying progress.

Yêu cầu công việc

  • 3 – 4 student in English major
  • Good English, Pronunciation is preferred
  • Class management skills & having experience is priority
  • Be able to work in a team.
  • Be organized
  • Be disciplined
  • Be responsible, dependable, honest and mature​​​​​​
  • Be friendly, patient, and sensitive to a diversity of student
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